Wednesday, March 12, 2014

February issue of the BEATCS on line

The 112nd issue of the EATCS Bulletin, is now available online for everyone at

If you prefer, you can download a pdf with the printed version of the bulletin from

Thanks to Efi and Ioannis from our secretary office in Greece for all the work they have done on this issue and to the colleagues who contributed pieces to this issue of the BEATCS.

Readers of TCS blogs might notice that this issue of the BEATCS includes revised versions of two essays by Sanjeev Arora and Boaz Barak that had appeared earlier in Windows on Theory. Thanks to both Boaz and Sanjeev for agreeing to publish their pieces in the BEATCS!

The EATCS Bulletin has been open access for a few years now and we are happy to make it accessible also to interested readers who are not members of the association.

As you can read in my Letter from the President published in this issue, the EATCS has been taking several steps in support of young researchers, in addition to the instruments we had already in place. If you'd like to support these initiatives and forthcoming ones, consider joining the EATCS. The membership fee for one year (two years for young researchers) is 30€ and we offer a joint membership discount with SIGACT.

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nice, how about a hyperlinked table of contents? also hyperlinked refs are good too =)