Tuesday, May 19, 2015

PhD positions in Computer Science at IMT Lucca (Italy)

This is the time of the year when IMT Lucca announces a number of fully funded PhD scholarships. IMT Lucca is one of the institutions in Italy that is closest to my heart and where I have had the pleasure to spend some time in the past interacting with PhD students and faculty. It provides an excellent environment for PhD students in a truly splendid setting. I strongly recommend it, if you are considering a PhD in several areas of computer science and control theory. Watch the video below, which will whet your appetite, and then read on.

The Institute for Advanced Studies IMT Lucca - Italy invites applications for fully-funded PhD scholarships in Computer Science tenable from 1st November 2015.

IMT Lucca is a truly international research university within the Italian public higher education system that focuses on cutting-edge research in key areas such as Computer Sciences, Systems Engineering, Complex Networks, Economics and Cultural Heritage. The three-year doctoral program, which is taught entirely in English, is articulated in four discipline-specific curricula that share an interdisciplinary scientific background.

Computer Science doctoral studies at IMT are coordinated by Rocco De Nicola and promote research on the theory and applications of informatics such as concurrency, performance, programming languages, security, dependability, software engineering, and computational biology. The overarching goal is to develop languages, models, algorithms, verification techniques, engineering methodologies, and software tools for reasoning about distributed systems.

The doctoral students will be working within the SysMA research unit of IMT Lucca (http://sysma.lab.imtlucca.it/); some of the research lines are pursued in collaboration with two institutes of the Italian Research Council (CNR) in Pisa, namely ISTI (http://www.isti.cnr.it) and IIT (http://www.iit.cnr.it).

PhD students receive a stipend of about €13,600 EUR gross (around €12,400 EUR after taxes) per year, as established by Italian law. In addition, they are offered free meals and on-campus housing in the historical center of the beautiful Tuscan city of Lucca. Students also get the opportunity to spend research periods abroad, with the possibility of receiving additional financing through the Erasmus+ program.

The deadline for application is June 29th, 2015 at 18:00 Italian time.

The call is open to all candidates who are expected to obtain the required degree by October 31st, 2015; however, they must still apply by the above deadline. Further details, along with the online application form, can be found at: http://phd.imtlucca.it

Saturday, May 02, 2015

ICALP 2015: Accepted papers and best paper awards

The PCs for the three tracks of ICALP 2015 have selected the best papers and best student papers. The best paper awards will go to the following articles:
  • Aaron Bernstein and Clifford Stein. Fully Dynamic Matching in Bipartite Graphs. (Track A)
  • Jarkko Kari and Michal Szabados. An Algebraic Geometric Approach to Nivat's Conjecture. (Track B)
  • Yiannis Giannakopoulos and Elias Koutsoupias. Selling two goods optimally. (Track C)
The best student papers will instead go to
As you can see Track A selected two best student papers, whereas Track C did not select any. Let me remark that Radu Curticapean already received the best student paper award at ICALP 2013.

The full list of accepted papers for each of the tracks of ICALP 2015 is here