Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Faculty positions at the Department of Computer Science, Reykjavik University

The Department of Computer Science at Reykjavik University is hiring and invites applications for faculty positions at any rank. 

We are looking for energetic, highly qualified academics with a proven international research record.  We particularly welcome applications from researchers who have a strong network of research collaborators, can strengthen internal collaborations within the department, and generally have potential to flourish in our setting. 

We have just posted three separate calls for applications.

  • If you are interested in applying for one of the faculty positions in the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, and Computer Security, please follow this link for more information on the positions and on how to apply. 
  • If you are interested in applying for the faculty position in Game Design and Development, see here for more information on the position and on how to apply.
  • We also have a call for faculty positions in any area of Computer Science. You can find further information on those positions here

Addendum dated 19 November 2020: Scientists coming to Iceland from abroad for work can apply for a tax relief for the first three years of their employment. If the application is successful, 25% of their salary is tax free.

Department of Computer Science at Reykjavik University

The Department of Computer Science at Reykjavik University has about 650 full-time-equivalent students and 22 faculty members. It provides an excellent working environment that encourages and supports independence in academic endeavors, and in which a motivated academic can have impact at all levels. The department offers undergraduate and graduate programs in computer science and software engineering, as well as a combined undergraduate program in discrete mathematics and computer science. The department is home to several research centers producing high-quality collaborative research in areas such as artificial intelligence, financial technology, language technology, software systems, and theoretical computer science, among others; for more information on those research centers, see https://en.ru.is/research/units/.

Reykjavík University 

On the Times Higher Education rankings for 2021, Reykjavík University is ranked in first place along with eight other universities for the average number of citations per faculty. Overall, RU is ranked among the 350 best universities world-wide, 59th of all universities established fewer than 50 years ago, and first among Icelandic universities. Reykjavík University has around 3.700 students and 250 faculty and employees in addition to numerous adjunct faculty in two schools: Technology and Social Sciences. We offer a welcoming and stimulating environment in which to work and live. The University is centrally located in Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland. The role of Reykjavik University is to create and disseminate knowledge to enhance the competitiveness and quality of life for individuals and society, guided by good ethics, sustainability and responsibility. Education and research at RU are based on strong ties with industry and society. We emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration, international relations and entrepreneurship. 


Iceland is well known for breathtaking natural beauty, with volcanoes, hot springs, lava fields and glaciers offering a dramatic landscape. It consistently ranks as one of the best places in the world to live. It offers a high quality of life, is one of the safest places in the world, has high gender equality, and strong health-care and social-support systems. It is in fourth position in the 2020 UN World Happiness Report, which correlates with various life factors.