Friday, February 09, 2024

EATCS Fellows 2024: Call for Nominations

The call for nominations for EATCS Fellows 2024 is out. I strongly encourage members of the EATCS to submit nominations for some of the many members of the association who would deserve this recognition. The deadline for submitting your nominations is March 7, 2024

The submission of a nomination is easy and lightweight, but it does require the writing of a strong letter of nomination (preferably two separate ones, if my previous experience as nominator is anything to go by) co-signed by several EATCS members. Note that the nominee and the nominators must be members of the EATCS. (If you are now a member of the EATCS, I strongly encourage you to join! See this web page for details on how to do so and for the benefits of becoming a member. Becoming a member of the EATCS is easy and cheap. I assure you that every cent is used by the association to support TCS-related activities and awards.)

My colleagues in the EATCS Fellows Selection Committee and I look forward to receiving your nominations, and to bestowing this accolade upon some of the nominees!

On a personal note, I'd be delighted to see several of our top-class female colleagues nominated for the role of EATCS Fellow.