Sunday, February 21, 2010

Magnús Halldórsson receives the first Reykjavík University Research Award

This is a belated post on a piece of news that is mostly of local (read, Icelandic) relevance. However, I think that TCS researchers everywhere will be pleased to know that the first research award from Reykjavík University, where I have worked since November 2005, has been given to Magnús M. Halldórsson, for his work on approximation algorithms for computationally hard problems, amongst others. (The announcement in English is here.)  It is good to see the first research award go to a TCS researcher, also because this sets high standards for future such awards.

It will be interesting to see whether future award committees will be influenced by considerations related to "academic politics" in selecting awardees for the university research award. If not, I expect to see a few awards in the coming years go to people working in (T)CS and combinatorics.

Belated congratulations to Magnús.