Wednesday, December 05, 2007

ICALP 2008: Second Call for Papers

The second call for papers for ICALP 2008 has just been posted to several mailing lists. The chances are that your mailboxes will be flooded by a good number of copies of the call for papers, but, in case this does not happen, you have been notified via this post :-) (In fact, I was quite amazed to discover that this modest blog is featured in the Theory of Computing Blog Aggregator, and so the odd post of mine might even be read by a CS theorist or two.)

In fact, submissions to ICALP 2008 are already open! To submit, please follow this link. Registration for the conference and affiliated workshops will be open very soon, allowing prospective participants to book flights and accommodation at a decent price. Iceland is a hot tourist destination in July.

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