Thursday, December 06, 2007

ACM Fellows - 2007

I just had a look at the list of ACM Fellows for 2007. It has been a good year for TCS, and even concurrency theory and computer-aided verification are well represented in the list. Congratulations to Rajeev Alur, Lance Fortnow, Georg Gottlob, Rajeev Motwani, Amir Pnueli and all the other the new fellows.

On the subject of awards, I yesterday saw the call for nominations for the first CAV award. I have at least one person that I'd really like to nominate, but since I would prefer that person to be in cool Reykjavík for ICALP 2008 instead of sultry Princeton for CAV 2008, I guess I'll have to wait for one year before sending in my nomination :-) Who would you nominate for such an award? Note that
The cited contribution(s) must have been made not more recently than five years ago and not over twenty years ago. In addition, the contribution(s) should not yet have received recognition via a major award, such as the ACM Turing or Kanellakis Awards.
Unfortunately, the CAV organizers decided to fix the dates for their conference so that they coincide with the dates for ICALP 2008, which were known long before theirs. Time will tell whether this was an inspired decision on their part.

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