Sunday, December 09, 2007

Accepted Papers at FOSSACS 2008

The list of accepted papers for FOSSACS 2008 is out. I was in the PC for the conference, and I have to say that this year the number of very good submissions was substantially higher than the number of slots. (And this without counting the papers with which I had to declare a conflict of interests.)

Looking at the accepted papers, it is striking how many of them have French authors. In fact, France was the country with the largest number of authors of submitted papers this year (67 to be precise) , and the acceptance ratio for papers co-authored by French authors was high. By way of comparison, the country that had the second largest number of authors was the US with 29. Germany, Italy and the UK were roughly on a par with the US.

French TCS is hot, judging by these figures. LSV alone contributes at least five papers to FOSSACS 2008. This is quite a way of celebrating their tenth anniversary.

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