Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Best PhD thesis award of the Italian Chapter of the EATCS

One of the prizes of the Italian Chapter of the EATCS is the Best Italian PhD Thesis in Theoretical Computer Science Award. This year, the committee (consisting of Vincenzo Auletta,  Ferdinando Cicalese and Carla Piazza) has unanimously decided to bestow the award on the following two young scientists:
  • Michele Ciampi for his thesis "Round and Computational Efficiency of Two-Party Protocols" and 
  • Luisa Siniscalchi for her dissertation "Delayed-Input and Non-Malleable Cryptographic Protocols".
Both the award recipients were PhD students at the University of Salerno working with Giuseppe Persiano and Ivan Visconti, which is remarkable.

Moreover, the award committee found that the following two theses deserved a honourable mention:
Congratulations to these young scientists. I wish them all a great career, whatever they decide to do in the future.

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