Friday, September 06, 2013

Preliminary call for papers for ICALP 2014

The preliminary call for papers for ICALP 2014 is available here. (Warning: it is 19 MB, so don't be surprised if it takes some time to download it.) In case, you do not want to download the file, here is the most relevant information. (In the light of a suggestion in one of the comments to this post, I copy-pasted the whole preliminary CFP below.)

Conference dates: 7-11 July 2014
Submission deadline: 14 Feb. 2014
Notification date: 11 Apr. 2014
Final version due: 28 Apr. 2014
Location: IT University Copenhagen

The PC chairs are Elias Koutsopias (Track A), Javier Esparza (Track B) and Pierre Fraigniaud (Track C).

The invited speakers are
I hope that you will submit your best work to the conference. There will be a lot going on in Copenhagen in early late June-early July, both scientifically (SEA 2014, SWAT 2014 and ICALP 2014 will all take place one after the other) and culturally.

------------------------ FULL PRELIMINARY CFP -------------

ICALP 2014
7 July – 11 July 2014
IT University of Copenhagen
Preliminary Call for Papers

Invited speakers:
Sanjeev Arora • Maurice Herlihy • Viktor Kuncak • Claire Mathieu


Track A
Elias Koutsoupias (chair) • Dimitris Achlioptas • Pankaj Agrawal • Nikhil Bansal •
Gerth Stølting Brodal • Jean Cardinal • Ning Chen • Giorgos Christodoulou • Xiaotie Deng • Ilias Diakonikolas • Chaled Elbassioni • Amos Fiat • Leslie Goldberg • Vipul Goyal • Giuseppe Italiano • Marcin Kaminsky • Haim Kaplan • Ioardanis Kerenidis • Anna Karlin • Robert Krauthgamer • James Lee • Ashwin Nayak • Jared Saia • Piotr Sankowski • Maria Serna • Christian Sohler • Ryan Williams

Track B
Javier Esparza (chair) • Paolo Baldan • Michele Boreale • Tomas Brazdil • Véronique Bruyère • Veronique Cortier • Anuj Dawar • Kousha Etessami • Maribel Fernandez • David Frutos Escrig • Pierre Ganty • Peter Habermehl • Manfred Kufleitner • Slawomir Lasota • Oded Maler • Sebastian Maneth • Madhavan Mukund • JensPalsberg • Thomas Schwentick • Sonja Smets • Jiri Srba • Steve Zdancewic

Track C
Pierre Fraigniaud (chair) • Keren Censor-Hillel • Andrea Clementi • Benjamin Doerr • Panagiota Fatourou • Michal Feldman • Antonio Fernández Anta • Leszek Gasieniec • Phillip B. Gibbons • Magnus Halldorsson • Robert Kleinberg • Anne‑Marie Kermarrec• Michal Koucky • Gopal Pandurangan • Boaz Patt-Shamir • Andrea Pietracaprina • Andrea Richa • Luís Rodrigues • Christian Scheideler  •  Jukka Suomela • Philipp Woelfel

Thore Husfeldt (chair),

Important dates

Submission deadline: Friday, 14 February 2014
Author notification: Friday, 11 April 2014
Final manuscript due: Monday, 28 April 201


Anonymous said...

How they manage to make the PDF file more than a megabyte, is out of my scope to understand.

Luca Aceto said...

I was surprised by the size of the file myself. I suspect that the photo of the IT University might having a lot to do with it.

Anonymous said...

To save everyone else's time, here's the relevant information:

Conf. date: 7-11 July 2014
Submission DL: 14 Feb. 2014
Notification: 11 Apr. 2014
Final version due: 28 Apr. 2014

(Location: Univ. Copenhagen)

Luca Aceto said...

I added the relevant information you provided to the post. (Note that the location is the IT University, not the Univ. Copehagen.) I also mentioned the PC chairs for the three tracks.


Anonymous said...

Does the conference not deserve more respect than a "call for papers" that took me roughly 7 full minutes to download? Surely this is an easy problem to fix, modulo the creator locating a modicum of effort.

Luca Aceto said...

Yes it does. However, note that this is simply the preliminary CFP that was distributed at ICALP 2013 in Riga.

A first CFP will come soon.he aim of this post was simply to alert people of the important dates and to mention the PC chairs. I will also add the list of invited speakers.

Anonymous said...

Since much earlier conferences like STOC 14 and CCC 14, didn't even bother to publish a preliminary call for papers, I think we should applaud ICALP 14 organizers for this early posting!

Anonymous said...

Can't you just copy the _full_ call for papers and paste it here?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7: I don't see much of the value of a CFP 10 months in advance. About STOC and CCC (and also ICALP): we know approximately when will be the deadline, which is worth to know well in advance. We know the dates (STOC May 31 - June 3, CCC June 11 - 14), and so do we need to know all PC members, all invited speakers?

I think it's nice to see ICALP has the tradition of having the CFP ready for the previous ICALP, but I don't find it necessary (and I know some ICALP PC weren't so happy that they had to make the decisions so early in advance).

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9,
yes, I agree with you, we don't need a call for paper 10 months in advance. But we DO need urgently a call for paper for a deadline TWO MONTHS FROM NOW (CCC, STOC).

Indeed, if the CCC and STOC committees assume in advance that "we" "already know" when "approximately" the deadline is, and what is the scope, etc., it means (apart from their lack of professionalism) that they only care about a small circle of people who already are publishing over and over again their papers in STOC and CCC.

D. Eppstein said...

I hope the eventual CFP (or conference web site or something) will describe the differences between the three tracks in a little more detail than just a letter and a list of names.

Luca Aceto said...


Yes it will. The web site will be up very soon now, with the full version of the CFP. In any event, I believe that the description of the scope of the three tracks will be identical to the one for ICALP 2013.