Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Call for editor in chief of the Bulletin of the EATCS

The leadership of the EATCS has decided to decouple the production of the Bulletin of the EATCS (BEATCS) from its editorship. Starting from the October 2013 issue, the BEATCS will be produced, printed and shipped by our Secretary Office in Greece. We think that this change was overdue, and that it will help us improve both the production and the scientific quality of the BEATCS. From the October 2013 issue, the editor in chief of the BEATCS will focus solely on the scientific content of the Bulletin.

Our colleague Maria Serna has served as editor in chief of the BEATCS for a long time and has many other commitments. Therefore, we feel that the time has come to appoint a new editor, whose job will be to continue improving the quality and the impact of the Bulletin, in cooperation with the Council of the EATCS and following on Maria's footsteps.

We hereby ask you for expressions of interest to the role of editor in chief of the BEATCS. Each expression of interest for the position should be accompanied by a couple of paragraphs describing your vision for the future of the BEATCS. You are also most welcome to propose suitable candidates for the position other than yourselves.

Please send your nominations to me via email by the 30th of April at the latest.

I take this opportunity to offer Maria Serna our heartfelt thanks, on behalf of the EATCS, for all the work that she has done over the years as editor in chief of the Bulletin. We really appreciate the effort she has put into this important service to the EATCS and the TCS community as a whole.

All the best,

Luca Aceto
President of the EATCS

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