Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Third ICE-TCS Annual Report

The third ICE-TCS annual report has been available since June 12, but I never mentioned its availability on this blog. If you are interested in keeping abreast of what is happening in our little TCS centre here in Reykjavík, do have a look.

Some of the people who attended ICALP 2008 asked us what we are going to do with the centre when funding runs out. Our answer was, "What funding?" The centre operates with very few resources and without specific funding to support its activities. We try to raise money in ad hoc and haphazard ways.

The Icelandic Fund for Research announced the availability of centre-building funding for the first time ever last spring. A consortium led by ICE-TCS sent in a pre-proposal, but our expression of interest was not one of the ten that were selected for further consideration, alas. Such is life, I guess, but, if I may say so, the list of ten selected pre-proposals is somewhat surprising on purely scientific grounds and hardly fulfils the requirements concerning international collaboration. (Our pre-proposal had BRICS, CISS, FUNDIM and the Centre for Computational Molecular Biology at Brown University as some of its cooperating centres.)

Anyway, we will try to maintain a decent level of activity in TCS on this remote, but rather attractive, island in the north Atlantic :-) For present activity on another much smaller, but also much hotter, island, see Luca Trevisan's in theory.

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