Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Gordon Plotkin is 60

On 7-8 September, LFCS, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, will host a symposium to celebrate Gordon Plotkin's 60th birthday. The detailed programme for that event lists a series of stellar speakers, and the list of participants is truly impressive.

This is really good to see. Gordon is one of the veritable giants in TCS, and he has had outstanding students and collaborators over the years. His contributions to the study of the semantics of programming languages (be it denotational, logical or operational) and to its mathematical underpinnings are well known, so I'll just limit myself to wishing Gordon a happy symposium.

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Anonymous said...

As announced at the Edinburgh festivities, Luca Cardelli, Marcelo Fiore and Glynn Winskel co-edited a Festschrift dedicated to Gordon. It was published as Volume 172 of ENTCS. A number of hard copies of the volume were produced by Elsevier and presented to Gordon and the authors of the papers as a present from Elsevier. The presentation took place at a Special Session Honoring Gordon at last spring's MFPS meeting in New Orleans.