Saturday, September 16, 2006

An Essay by Palamidessi and Valencia

Catuscia Palamidessi and Frank Valencia have written an essay on Languages for Concurrency, which will appear in the Programming Languages column of the Bulletin of the EATCS (edited by Ian Mackie (Kings College, London, UK) and David Sands (Göteborg, Sweden)). I enjoyed reading it myself---even though I hopefully knew the material it covers already---, and warmly recommend it.

This essay is a commendable example of `outreach activity´ from two very active members of the concurrency theory community. Let's give it to our students and colleagues from other areas of computer science to read, and let's try to sow the seeds of our research area in our departments. Something good is bound to come out of these kind of efforts. For the moment, thanks to Catuscia and Frank for offering a contribution in this direction.

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