Wednesday, August 11, 2021

The First: A Movie

I had the great pleasure to watch Ali Hossaini and Luca Viganò's short movie "The First" that has been released by National Gallery X. "The First" is a coproduction of UKRI TAS Hub, RUSI and National Gallery X. It was produced as a keynote for Trusting Machines?, a conference on how to develop trustworthy AI.

For the little that it may be worth, I strongly recommend the movie. Do watch also the conversation between National Gallery X co-director Ali Hossaini and Luca Viganò, possibly before enjoying a second viewing of the movie. You can also read the paper "Gnirut: The Trouble With Being Born Human In An Autonomous World" mentioned in that conversation.  

I fully subscribe to Luca Viganò's vision of using artistic tools to explain computer science concepts to the public, whose members will have to make use of the technological artifacts based on those concepts. Indeed, we live in a world in which technologists will increasingly have to be great humanists. IMHO, we are lucky to have people like Luca Viganò, who is also a playwright, paving the way in connecting "The Two Cultures". (In case any of you is interested, I recommend Luca Viganò's GSSI+ICE-TCS webinar.)


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