Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Yuval Rabani, the PC chair for the Track A of ICALP 2016, has written  the first of a short series of posts on tumblr on the work of the PC for Track A. Further posts will follow on his blog, which is devoted solely to ICALP 2016. 

Quoting from Yuval's post: 
I’d like to encourage all theoreticians to attend ICALP 2016 in Rome. Rome has art. Rome has history. Rome has art history. Rome has fashion. Rome has design. Rome has espresso, Rome has gelato. Rome has tomatoes. Rome has porcini mushrooms. Rome even has jazz clubs (not to mention opera). Best of all, the program committee worked very hard to produce an excuse to charge your grants for the trip!
Many thanks to Yuval and his PC for their splendid work!

Let me close by adding that Roma also has Casa del Jazz :-)

Addendum: Yuval's second post is available here.

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