Saturday, May 02, 2015

ICALP 2015: Accepted papers and best paper awards

The PCs for the three tracks of ICALP 2015 have selected the best papers and best student papers. The best paper awards will go to the following articles:
  • Aaron Bernstein and Clifford Stein. Fully Dynamic Matching in Bipartite Graphs. (Track A)
  • Jarkko Kari and Michal Szabados. An Algebraic Geometric Approach to Nivat's Conjecture. (Track B)
  • Yiannis Giannakopoulos and Elias Koutsoupias. Selling two goods optimally. (Track C)
The best student papers will instead go to
As you can see Track A selected two best student papers, whereas Track C did not select any. Let me remark that Radu Curticapean already received the best student paper award at ICALP 2013.

The full list of accepted papers for each of the tracks of ICALP 2015 is here

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