Wednesday, August 07, 2013

June Issue of the Bulletin of the EATCS

The June 2013 issue of the Bulletin of the EATCS is now available as a single  PDF file and from the open journal system. With this issue, we say goodbye to Maria Serna, who has been the editor in chief of the BEATCS for the last five years, editing 15 issues of the Bulletin. As current president of the EATCS, I warmly thank Maria for all the hard work she has put into the challenging task of editing the BEATCS while taking care of all her other duties. Her efforts were way beyond the call of duty.

From the October 2013 issue, the BEATCS will be edited by Kazuo Iwama. I wish Kazuo the best of luck in this new role and look forward to working with him.

If you have any suggestion on how to improve the quality of the BEATCS even further, feel free to contact Kazuo or me, or simply post your suggestions as comments to this blog post.

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