Thursday, July 26, 2012

CadiaPlayer GGP Champion Again!

I am proud to announce that the general-game-playing agent CadiaPlayer, developed at my own department by Yngvi Björnsson, Hilmar Finnsson, Stefán Freyr Guðmundsson and Stephan Schiffel, won this year's General Game Playing competition hosted at the AAAI conference, thereby reclaiming the title it lost in 2009.  On its road to the title it defeated among others the winners from the previous two years. As a winner of the competition CadiaPlayer also played an exhibition match consisting of three games against a human player --- Chris Welty from IBM --- and won convincingly.

With this title CadiaPlayer has become the most victorious GGP agent ever, and the only agent so far to win the competition three times.

Congratulation to the CadiaPlayer team!

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