Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Videos of talks by Friedman and Macintyre

There has been a fair amount of discussion recently on the FOM mailing list on whether the consistency of Peano Arithmetic is a legitimate mathematical problem in present day mathematical  culture. This discussion has been sparked by the talk Foundational Concerns and Mathematical Concerns that Angus Macintyre gave at the New Trends in Logic meeting. The video of Angus' talk is here. Perhaps some of the readers of this blog will want to have a look and reach their own conclusions. The person who asks most of the questions to Angus Macintyre is Harvey Friedman, whose own talk at the Vienna meeting can be seen here.

I have to say that Angus Macintyre kept his cool and maintained his thread admirably during his talk.

The videos of all the lectures may be found here, including the one delivered by Thierry Coquand when he received one of the prizes for 2008.

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