Wednesday, October 06, 2010

LICS 2011 Test-of-Time Award Nominations

The LICS Test-of-Time Award recognizes a small number of papers from the LICS proceedings from 20 years prior that have best met the "test of time". The LICS 2011 Test-of-Time Award committee is, as usual, stellar and consists of Tom Henzinger, Radha Jagadeesan, Catuscia Palamidessi, and Andy Pitts (Chair). All papers published in the LICS 1991 Proceedings are eligible, see here for the complete list. Any member of the LICS community is welcome to send recommendations to Andy Pitts at

I already sent in my nomination yesterday, and I encourage my readers to recommend their favourite paper from LICS 1991. This is my fourth nomination this year, and so far I am zero out of three. Let's see whether the author of the paper I recommended will be any luckier.

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