Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Change of Editor for the BEATCS

The June issue of the BEATCS will be the last issue with Vladimiro Sassone as editor of the Bulletin. Maria Jose Serna will take over from Vladimiro, who will assist her for the next couple of issues.

Vladimiro has been in charge of the Bulletin for the last five years. He has streamlined the production process and made it web-friendly. (The whole Bulletin is now produced using pdflatex.) He has inaugurated two new columns, designed and implemented a new editorial style, and was a prime mover on the issue of open access for the BEATCS.

I like to think that the quality of the BEATCS has continued improving during Vladimiro's editorship, and the whole TCS community owes him a lot of gratitude for the enormous amount of energy he has put in the editorship of the BEATCS.

I wish Maria the best of luck for her new and important role. The BEATCS needs a strong editor, and it won't be easy to follow Vladimiro's footsteps and to improve on his work. Let's help Maria by contributing pieces to the BEATCS and by thinking about ways to make that publication even better. If you have any ideas, please post a comment. I will do my best to mention your suggestions during the EATCS council meeting at ICALP 2008.

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