Friday, April 11, 2008

Accepted Papers for ICALP 2008--Track C

The list of accepted papers for track C of ICALP 2008 is now available here. You can get an overview of all of the accepted papers from this web page.

I strongly encourage all of you who are planning to come to Iceland for ICALP 2008 to start planning your trips now. In addition, if you register now you can take advantage of the present strength of many foreign currencies vis-a-vis the Icelandic crown :-)

I also strongly recommend signing up for the conference dinner. The conference dinner will be held at Perlan (The Pearl). (See the photo above.) The Perlan restaurant is consistently one of the best restaurants in town and is Reykjavik's latest landmark. Towering over the city from one of its highest hills, Perlan sits atop the geothermal reservoir tanks overlooking the city. The top floor restaurant is enclosed in a glass dome and the floor rotates 360o degrees every 90-120 minutes. The restaurant offers a stunning panoramic view of Reykjavik and the surrounding areas.

See also the other events in the social programme. I'll post more information on ICALP 2008 on this blog at a later date. In particular, the Gödel prize winner for 2008 will be announced very soon.

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