Thursday, February 07, 2008

EATCS Award 2008 to Leslie Valiant

The EATCS Award 2008 will go to Leslie Valiant. You can read the motivation prepared by the Award Committee.

The award will be assigned during a ceremony that will take place in Reykjavik (Iceland) during ICALP (July 6-13, 2008). Leslie Valiant will contribute an invited talk to the event. This is yet another reason for not missing the conference!

BTW, the deadline for submitting to ICALP is approaching. Make sure you have your submissions in by Sunday, 10 February at 23:59 GMT.

I look forward to meeting you in Reykjavík, and to enjoying a scientific feast with the conference participants. Well, probably we organizers won't have that much time to enjoy the event, but we'll try :-)

Addendum (16 February 2008): See also this post by Bill Gasarch on the Complexity Blog. (Make sure you read the beautiful comment by Janos Simon.) You might also want to read the post on bit-player, which links to a very interesting piece on Leslie Valiant's work on holographic algorithms, which was the subject of a column in American Scientist.

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