Saturday, September 22, 2007

Guest Post from Jorge Perez

I received this contribution from Jorge Perez, and post it with pleasure.

I have found your reports on the WG1.8 Workshop extremely enlightening. I am specially impressed by the invited speaker's opinions on the role of probabilistic/stochastic modeling. In my opinion, and having little experience on the theoretical side of the topic, their positions are, at the very least, certainly a matter for debate.

The topic of the workshop also made me remember of the spirit of my former research group in Colombia. For many reasons, the group (called AVISPA, see is interested essentially in applied concurrency. This means thinking at the same time in theory and usable applications, beyond prototypes. Perhaps the most successful application area has been Computer Music.
In collaboration with the French Acoustics/Music Research Institute (IRCAM), AVISPA has designed and implemented formal, concurrent languages to assist music composers in their duties. I know this is not properly an 'industrial application' but it could be an example of how concurrency theory can be fruitfully applied.

AVISPA has recently launched a project on applied concurrency: it is
called REACT (see, and it aims at consolidating our concurrency languages in several application areas, including security, systems biology, computer music (or more generally: multimedia semantic interaction).

Sorry for the long post, but the topic is very interesting for me and I wanted to share this (perhaps unusual) approach to applied concurrency.

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