Friday, June 15, 2007

Computing Community Consortium Workshop at FCRC

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) was recently created by the Computing Research Association (CRA) and is funded under a cooperative agreement from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The purpose of the CCC is to catalyze the computing research community to debate longer range, more audacious research challenges; to build consensus around research visions; to articulate those research visions; to evolve the most promising visions toward clearly defined initiatives; and to work with funding organizations to move the challenges and visions toward funding initiatives.

This week the CCC is organizing a workshop at the 2007 Federated Computing Research Conference. The slides for the contributed talks given so far are available here. (Lazowska's slides are still missing at the time of writing since his talk will be delivered today. I am looking forward to seeing them!) They are all interesting at first sight. In particular, I want to encourage readers of this blog to look at the wonderful slides for Christos Papadimitriou's talk on the Algorithmic Lens. The slides give Christos Papadimitriou's view of the impact that computer science is having on other sciences, and can offer all of us plenty of food for thought as well as material for enticing students to CS.

In case you do not have time to look at the slides, the executive summary of the talk, presented on the last slide reads:
  • The algorithmic world view is changing the sciences: mathematical, natural, life, social
  • CS is placing itself at the center of the scientific discourse and exchange of ideas
  • And this is only the beginning…
Thanks Christos!

Addendum: Ed Lazowska's slides are now on line.

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