Friday, February 23, 2007

Tom Henzinger Named ACM Fellow 2006

You probably all know that the 2006 Turing Award will go a woman for the first time ever. The award goes to Frances E. Allen (Fellow Emerita at IBM) for contributions that fundamentally improved the performance of computer programs in solving problems, and accelerated the use of high performance computing. See here for further details. (I strongly suggest that you also have a look at the ongoing discussion on this award, and other previous ones, going on here. The discussion indicates once more how parochial we can all be at times, and that several researchers out there still think of TCS as only covering volume A research.)

What might be less known, however, is that Tom Henzinger was named amongst the ACM Fellows for 2006. Tom is selected for contributions to formal verification and hybrid systems. Tom's ACM fellowship is very good for the fields of computer-aided verification, concurrency theory and TCS at large.

Congratulations Tom!

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