Thursday, November 02, 2006

Process Algebra on Lambda the Ultimate

MohammadReza Mousavi pointed out to me this post on Lambda the Ultimate (the programming languages weblog), which will please process calculi buffs. (Thanks Mohammad!) That post points out some, more or less recent, work on process calculi for transactions.

The references provided in that post are to the point. As Mohammad pointed out to me, relevant process algebraic work along those lines may also be found in the paper

H.M.A. van Beek. An algebraic approach to transactional processes. CS-Report 02/18, Department of Mathematics and Computing Science, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, December 2002. Harm's Ph.D. thesis contains that report as a chapter (Chapter 8).

As far as I know, the earliest studies of "atomic transactions" within the field of process calculi were presented by Gérard Boudol and Ilaria Castellani in two papers that appeared in the late 1980s:

It would be good if younger researchers rediscovered those two papers. I read them at the early stages of my "career", and I warmly recommend them.

I encourage my readers to post further reading suggestions on the topic of process calculi for atomic transactions. As Charles Stewart writes on Lambda the Ultimate, this topic will repay a closer look.

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