Tuesday, July 11, 2006

ICALP Report

So Italy brought the Fifa World Cup 2006 home after 24 years. I am biased on this issue, so I won't comment on Italy's win. For an independent opinion, you might wish to check out this article from the Guardian. (Allow me to say, however, that, not surprisingly, I am glad Italy won the championship :-))

I am now at ICALP 2006, and will be attending the General Assembly in about 45 minutes. For the moment, I can give you a couple of possibly interesting news regarding the EATCS. First of all, the new president of the EATCS is going to be Giorgio Ausiello. Mogens Nielsen (the former president) and Paul Spirakis will act as vice-presidents. There are going to be some interesting developments in the role that the EATCS will play for the development of Theoretical Computer Science as a whole. A small, but I believe very important, first step is the free access experiment for the Bulletin of the EATCS, which will begin asap. This will make the Bulletin a more widely read, and I believe better quality, publication.

I'll keep you posted on other developments related to publications and EATCS prizes in due course. News regarding the location of ICALP 2008 will follow soon.

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