Thursday, May 08, 2014

Best paper awards at ICALP 2014

The EATCS is proud to announce that the program committees of the three tracks of ICALP 2014 have selected the following papers for the best paper awards:

Track A:
Andreas Björklund and Thore Husfeldt, Shortest Two Disjoint Paths in Polynomial Time
Track B:
Track C:
Oliver Göbel, Martin Hoefer, Thomas Kesselheim, Thomas Schleiden and Berthold Voecking, Online Independent Set Beyond the Worst-Case: Secretaries, Prophets, and Periods

The best student paper awards are given to papers that are solely authored by students. This year these awards will go to:
Congratulations to the award recipients and many thanks to the PC chairs and their PCs for their sterling work!

It is interesting to see that the best papers for 2014 are all from Europe, whereas two of the three best student papers are from the US. Having worked in Northern Europe for the best part of 20 years, I am happy to see that the best papers for Track A have Scandinavian authors.

I hope that you will enjoy reading the award-receiving papers.

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Unknown said...

wehar's paper is quite interesting, he's a young prodigy graduating college at age 19 or so. its also not very communicative in the title, it has a theorem that gives strict conditions for separating NL/P in terms of complexities of DFA intersections. very impressive! he dropped by this stackexchange chat room for a few brief words, maybe others would like to chat also!