Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 2015 issue of the Bulletin of the EATCS

The 117th issue of the EATCS Bulletin is now available online at

You can download a pdf with the printed version of the Bulletin from this link. 

As is customary for October issues of the Bulletin, this volume includes reports from ICALP 2015 and calls for nomination for EATCS Awards.

The contributions to the BEATCS columns are all interesting as usual. Let me just limit myself to mentioning that the contribution to the Concurrency Column by Ornela Dardha celebrates the prize she received for the Best Italian Dissertation in TCS in 2014. Fans of the Automata Tutor like me will want to read  the piece written by some of the prime movers behind the development of that wonderful tool.

Readers of this post might also be interested in the article Fast Algorithms for Structured Sparsity by Chinmay Hegde, Piotr Indyk and Ludwig Schmidt, which reports on the work on which the ICALP 2015 tutorial by Piotr was based. 

Thanks to Kazuo Iwama, the editor in chief of the BEATCS, the column editors, the colleagues who contributed to this issue of the Bulletin and Efi Chita from the EATCS Secretary Office for their wonderful work.

I hope that you'll enjoy this issue. I think that it is the duty of a scientific association like the EATCS to make its bulletin freely available to the TCS community. However, this would be impossible without the support from the members of the EATCS, whom I thank wholeheartedly.

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