Sunday, June 29, 2014

Issue 113 of the Bulletin of the EATCS is out

Issue 113 of the Bulletin of the EATCS is now available on line abd be downloaded as a single PDF file. As usual, the bulletin is freely accessible for everyone.

In the current issue, you will find very interesting survey articles on, for instance, the complexity of valued constraint satisfaction, kernelization and contextual semantics. I strongly recommend the first installment of the Concurrency Column edited by Nobuko Yoshida on recreational formal methods.  The piece by Frits Vaandrager and Freek Verbeek tells us how to design vacuum cleaning trajectories using Uppaal, SAT solvers and theorem provers.

I hope that you will enjoy this issue of the BEATCS. At the EATCS general assembly, which will be held at ICALP 2014 in Copenhagen, we will discuss the developments of the BEATCS. Your input to the discussion is very valuable.


Bart Jansen said...

Thanks for the heads-up Luca. Unfortunately, none of the articles are accessible on the devices I've tried; neither the in-browser view, nor the PDF download link, allows me to open the articles in the issue.

Chandra said...

I am unable to download the pdfs.

Luca Aceto said...

Bart, Chandra,

Thanks for pointing out this issue. I am having the same problem myself and I asked the Secretary Office to look into it. For the moment, you can download the PDF file for the whole issue at here.