Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Helga Guðmundsdóttir lands one of Google’s 2014 Anita Borg Scholarships

My colleagues and I at the  School of Computer Science at Reykjavik University are thrilled by the recent news that Helga Guðmundsdóttir,  one of our master students and one of the very best BSc students we have ever had, has been selected as one of Google’s 2014 Anita Borg Scholarship recipients. Congratulations to Helga for this achievement!

Apart from being an outstanding student, who has already done some research in algorithms for wireless networks and has had successful internships at the Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering (University of Maryland) and Cornell University, Helga is also a role model for our female students and fantastic ambassador for computer science. She is one of the founders of /sys/tur, the association of female computer scientists at Reykjavik University. I was amazed by how active the association is in promoting computer science at all our outreach events.

I don't need to look at my crystal ball to forecast a bright future for Helga and that she will go from strength to strength whatever she decides to do. 

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