Tuesday, July 23, 2013

EATCS YouTube Channel and Slides for Jon Kleinberg's EATCS Lecture

At long last, the EATCS has a YouTube channel. (Thanks to the EATCS Secretary office in Patras for setting it up and for making us enter the 21st century :-)) In due course, the videos of the invited talks and of the EATCS-Award-2013 presentation by Martin Dyer from ICALP 2013 will be available from that channel. For the moment, you can enjoy Erik Demaine's wonderful Presburger Award 2013 video.

Make sure that you subscribe to the channel to get updates on our postings.

The slides for Jon Kleinberg's inspiring EATCS lecture are available here.  Several people asked me for the slides and Jon agreed to make them public. Thanks Jon!

Conference photos taken at ICALP 2013 can be found here. Enjoy.

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