Monday, July 08, 2013

Associate and/or assistant professor position in the Language Based Technology section of DTU

I have been asked to advertise this position, which might be of interest to several of my readers and their graduating PhD students/postdocs. 

The Language Based Technology section of DTU Applied Mathematics and Computer Science has a new opening for associate and/or assistant professors.

The date for applictions is on October 1st and full details about the call and how to apply are available at
and more information about the Language Based Technology section is available at

We are hoping to attract a brilliant associate or assistant professor to complement our research activities in the
modelling, analysis and realisation of systems using language-based techniques and tools.
Our current expertices include static analysis and model checking and take place in a number of research centres and research projects (MT-LAB, IDEA4CPS, TREsPASS, FutureID, SESAMO, PaPP). 
We are interested in concurrent, distributed and mobile systems where reliability and predictability are essential and hence properties related to safety, security and performance are of key interest; the systems may include considerations of socio-technical nature within Systems of Systems.

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