Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Accepted papers for ICALP 2011 track B

The notifications and the reviews for ICALP 2011 were posted earlier today. I was the PC chair for track B and I freely admit that, during the electronic PC meeting,  I often felt that the job was too big for me. I owe all of my PC a great debt. I could not have mastered this PC chair job without the support of the members of the PC and without relying on their scientific judgement and professionalism. Indeed, I feel that I have learned a lot from my PC during the meeting.

The overall quality of the submissions to ICALP 2011 track B was unbelievably high. (My co-chairs tell me a similar story for the other two tracks, and this bodes well for the future of ICALP.) I feel that I have never been involved in the PC for a conference where the threshold for acceptance was so high. I wish that we could have selected at least ten more papers, but the number of slots was limited and we had to make some very hard choices. The authors of the many good papers that we could not select have my sympathy. I have no doubt that they will publish their submissions in a top-notch conference and/or journal soon.

There are several interesting topics for discussion that emerge from the field of submissions at this year's ICALP track B. I plan to devote a short series of posts to some of those that I have penned down during the PC meeting. However, this will have to wait until I have caught up with some of the many chores that have piled up on my desk over the last two months. For the moment, the list of accepted papers for track B is here. (See here for the list with abstracts.)

I look forward to a very exciting meeting in Zürich in July.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Is the list of accepted papers for Track A also out?

Luca Aceto said...

The list of accepted papers for tracks A and C will be available tomorrow from the conference web page.

Michaël Cadilhac said...

Thanks and congratulations on this humongous task! That's indeed a very nice program.