Friday, October 05, 2007

CNRS Bronze Medal To Concurrency Theorist

I learned last night that Patricia Bouyer (CNRS researcher at LSV, ENS Cachan) has received a CNRS bronze medal 2007 in section 7. The CNRS bronze medal is awarded for outstanding achievement by a junior researcher.

Congratulations to Patricia, with whom I was lucky enough to work on this paper. At that time, Patricia was a freshly minted MSc student, but her talent was already abundantly clear. I recall that we were trying to show that a property language was sufficiently expressive to describe all of the properties of timed automata that could be checked by reachability analysis in the context of a test process. Patricia constructed a test process which had no counterpart in the property language, and this led to a strengthening of the property language, which we eventually were able to prove expressively complete.

From those early days, Patricia has gone from strength to strength, as witnessed by her impressive output. I believe that there is much more to come from her.

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