Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Reactive Systems" Is Out: Buy Your Copy Now!

A few days ago, I checked the web page at for my latest book Reactive Systems: Modelling, Specification and Verification, which I have already shamelessly advertised in previous postings. I was surprised to read that only four copies were left in stock (and only one is in stock right now, so hurry!), especially because the official publication date for the book is 9 August 2007.

My copy of the book landed in my mailbox yesterday, as partial compensation for the departure of the hard disk in my laptop, the only computer I own :-( It was quite an experience to browse through the results of a few years of work while wondering whether I really had any part in writing the text filling those pages. This is how I often feel whenever I look at some work of mine. Was it really I who contributed to write/do that work? Something to ponder while waiting for a new hard disk, even though I know that it was really a different person from the one typing these characters who did it.

Anyway, I hope some of you will like the book, whoever wrote it.

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