Wednesday, August 08, 2007

LICS Test-of-Time Award 2007

The LICS Test-of-Time Award recognizes a small number of influential papers which appeared in the LICS proceedings from 20 years prior that have best met the “test of time”.

I have just read that the Awards Committee for 2007, consisting of Yuri Gurevich (Chair), Rajeev Alur, and Glynn Winskel, selected the papers
as winners of the 2007 LICS Test-of-Time Award (for papers from LICS 1987). Congratulations to the authors for this recognition of their work! For once, I could have successfully bet on those two papers winning the award for 2007 :-)


Suresh said...

could you say something more about these works, for those of us in "theoryA" land :)

Luca Aceto said...

Will do Suresh, but this might take a week. The new term begins on Monday, and I am not quite ready yet :-(