Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Software from Reykjavík University Wins the 2007 GGP Competition

These are good days for AI (and CS) research at Reykjavík University, and I trust that you'll forgive me for self-promoting the achievements of my department. The finals of the 2007 General Game-Playing competition at the AAAI conference have been won by "our" own CADIAPlayer, developed by Yngvi Björnsson and his MSc student Hilmar Finsson within CADIA, our centre for AI research. (As you can see, Yngvi is very hot these days!) The aim of the GGP competitions is to help develop systems that can accept a formal description of an arbitrary game and, without further human interaction, can play the game effectively.

According to Yngvi, the competition was very exciting, especially the final, which was played against ClunePlayer from the University of California, Los Angeles. (ClunePlayer was the second place finisher last year, and the world-champion from two years ago).

Congratulations to Hilmar and Yngvi for a great success!

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