Saturday, July 14, 2007

Corrado Priami on Italian Prime Time TV

Last Thursday I ended up watching part of SuperQuark, a well-done science programme that has been running on Italian TV (RAI 1 to be precise) for some time now. To my pleasant surprise, the programme had a feature on the Centre for Computational and Systems Biology---a joint undertaking between the University of Trento and Microsoft Research. (You can watch the video, in Italian, here.)

The feature included excerpts of an interview with Corrado Priami, the president of the centre, and Luca Cardelli made some visual guest appearances.

It was a great pleasure to see a centre involving computer science in a crucial way make an appearance on prime-time TV. I can only compliment Corrado for having achieved so much in his career so far. I still remember sharing some work-space with him at the HP research lab in Pisa in late 1991-early 1992. He was fresh from his MSc degree then, and working on very different things.

Showcasing the impact of computer science on other sciences on prime-time TV can only be good for our field. Who is going to be next?

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