Saturday, March 15, 2014

EATCS-IPEC Nerode Prize 2014

The EATCS and IPEC are proud to announce that the Nerode Prize 2014 for outstanding papers in the area of multivariate algorithmics will be awarded to the following two papers:
  • "On problems without polynomial kernels", Hans L. Bodlaender, Rodney G. Downey, Michael R. Fellows, Danny Hermelin, Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 2009 and
  • "Infeasibility of instance compression and succinct PCPs for NP", Lance Fortnow, Rahul Santhanam, Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 2011.
Congratulations to all the award recipients!
The presentation of the prize will take place at IPEC 2014, which this year will be organized as part of ALGO 2014 (Wroclaw, Poland, 10-12 September 2014).

The Prize is named in honour of Anil Nerode, in recognition of his major contributions to mathematical logic, theory of automata, computability and complexity theory.

The Nerode Prize 2014 Committee consists of Georg Gottlob (University of Oxford, UK), Jan Arne Telle (University of Bergen, Norway), and Peter Widmayer (ETH Zurich, Switzerland; chair).

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