Friday, January 31, 2014

Gordon Plotkin awarded the EATCS Award 2014

I am pleased to report that Gordon Plotkin will receive the EATCS Award 2014 for his lifetime contribution of a research corpus of exceptional depth and influence across a broad range of areas within theoretical computer science. The committee for the EATCS Award 2014 consisted of Leslie Goldberg (chair), Kim G. Larsen and Vladimiro Sassone.

Plotkin is renowned for his ground-breaking contributions to programming language semantics, which have helped to shape the landscape of theoretical computer science, and which have impacted upon the design of programming languages and their verification technologies. The influence of his pioneering work on logical frameworks pervades modern proof technologies. In addition, he has made outstanding contributions in machine learning, automated theorem proving, and computer-assisted reasoning. He is still active in research at the topmost level, with his current activities placing him at the forefront of fields as diverse as programming semantics, applied logic, and systems biology. Alongside his scientific contributions of the highest calibre, he helped to lay the foundations of the theoretical computer science community, shaping the careers of generations of researchers.

Congratulations to Gordon! 

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