Thursday, June 28, 2012

LICS Test-of-Time Awards 2012

Prakash Panangaden has informed me that the LICS Test-of-Time Award for 2012 has gone to the following two papers:
The first article has received a huge number of citations for a LICS paper (1172 according to Google Scholar). It develops a thorough theory of symbolic model checking for timed CTL over finite automata with real-valued clocks.  It presents an algorithm that computes the set of states that satisfy a formula symbolically as a fixed point of a functional on state predicates, without constructing the state space. For this purpose, the authors introduce T_mu, a mu-calculus on computation trees over real-numbered time that has been studied by other researchers in further developments, and investigate its expressive power relative to that of timed CTL. Overall, this has been an influential contribution for the fragment of the CAV community dealing with real-time systems.

The second paper has been recognized an an important contribution to the theory of types and has received 331 citations  according to Google Scholar. The type and effect discipline is a framework for reconstructing the principal type and the minimal effect of expressions in implicitly-typed polymorphic functional languages that support imperative constructs.

Congratulations to the award recipients!


Anonymous said...

LICS was very successful this year.
Someone should have posted from there.

Luca Aceto said...

Indeed, but there were no volunteers and I was not organized enough to commission daily reports.

Would you be willing to provide a brief conference report for the blog? Roughly, how many people attended the conference? Did the experiment of accepting more papers work well? Which paper received the Kleene Award? How were the tutorials and the invited talks?