Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Amir Pnueli Dies

I just learned via a posting on the TYPES mailing list the sad news that Amir Pnueli, one of the inspirational and leading figures in several areas related to the formal specification and verification of computing systems, passed away yesterday at age 68. An email message circulated yesterday by his family states that "Amir has suffered a serious brain hemorrhage which he could not recover from. He passed away today [2 November] at noon."

In 1996, Pnueli received the Turing Award for seminal work introducing temporal logic into computing science and for outstanding contributions to program and systems verification.

His scientific legacy will be felt for many years to come.


Anonymous said...

This is a very tragic news, indeed.

RK said...

This is a very tragic news. he was a pioneer and a great human being

Michel said...

It is sad news to hear that one of the most inspiring researchers of Theoretical Computer Science has passed away so suddenly.

Perhaps we can persuade EATCS to name the EATCS award after Amir Pnueli?

Luca Aceto said...


Thanks for the suggestion. I will try to bring this up within the Council of the EATCS. An alternative suggestion might be see whether the CAV award can be named after Amir Pnueli.

Anonymous said...

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