Saturday, December 15, 2007

Computer Scientist: 21st Century Renaissance Man

The period from January till May each year is when faculty at the School of Computer Science at Reykjavík University try to make a determined effort to entice students to study our lovely discipline. (I know, we should do so all the year round, but somehow our good intentions do not become good deeds on a regular basis by themselves :-()

As part of our 2008 campaign, I have coauthored a short essay entitled Computer Scientist: 21st Century Renaissance Man. There is nothing particularly new in it, but I hope that it is readable and that it carries the message that CS is much more than most laypeople believe it is. Maybe some of you will find it useful for your own PR campaigns. Feel free to use it, if you think it may help.

You can draw some more inspiration from the items in our suggested-reading list. More essays of general interest may be found here. See also the excellent survey collection at Theory Matters.

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