Friday, November 09, 2007

BEATCS Is Open Access

Vladimiro Sassone, the editor in chief of the Bulletin of the EATCS, has posted the appended message on several theory-related mailing lists. I hope that my readers will enjoy reading the Bulletin and will feel enticed to contribute to it by sending in survey articles for its columns, technical articles, conference and workshop reports, position papers, puzzles, obituaries etc.

I have always been a staunch supporter of an open-access Bulletin. A professional society like the EATCS must suppport the TCS research community in all possible ways. Having an open-access publication like the Bulletin is one of the contributions that the EATCS can have. Compare with SIGACT News, whose access is restricted to SIGACT members. Is this the best way to serve the TCS community?

I also believe that an open-access Bulletin of the EATCS will entice more colleagues to contribute to the Bulletin since their contributions will stand a better chance to be read and appreciated by anyone within the TCS community. This will also increase the quality of the contributions.

Support the EATCS and the open-access Bulletin by becoming a member of the EATCS! Becoming a member is easy, and only costs € 30 for a period of one year. (In fact, it is only 25 € if you are also member of SIGACT.)
To quote from the classic Nike ad, "Just do it"


Dear Colleagues,

Since 2003 all issues of the Bulletin of the EATCS, the European
Association for Theoretical Computer Science, have been produced
entirely electronically and made available on the web for members only.

The EATCS is now piloting the idea of Open Access for the Bulletin,
in the spirit of best serving its research community. So, until
further notice the volumes from no 79 onwards of the Bulletin of the
EATCS will be available from

With best regards (and apologies for cross-posting)

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Hi, just stumbled on this page, and the EATCS bulletins, looks like I'm going to be busy reading for a while...