Monday, September 24, 2007

Luca de Alfaro in the News

At CONCUR 2007, I learned that our colleague and member of WG1.8 Luca de Alfaro has recently hit the news for his work on an evaluation of trust in contributions to Wikipedia. (See Demo: Coloring the text of the Wikipedia according to its trust.) Luca's work is based on the idea of colouring the text of Wikipedia articles according to a computed value of trust. The trust value of each word of a Wikipedia article is computed as a function of the reputation of the original author, as well as the reputation of all authors who subsequently revised the text.

This work of Luca's was mentioned in the Washington Post (I cannot locate the link anymore), the Jerusalem Post, ACM TechNews and amongst others.

Luca will also be the PC chair for FOSSACS 2009 in York, but this will give him less media exposure :-)

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