Monday, June 04, 2007

Invited Paper for CONCUR 2007

I have posted my contribution to the Proceedings of CONCUR 2007. The paper, coauthored with Anna and entitled The Saga of the Axiomatization of Parallel Composition, is a survey of recent work Anna and I have done in collaboration with Wan Fokkink, Bas Luttik and MohammadReza Mousavi. We published some of this work directly in journals, and so it felt appropriate to present it in a conference proceedings. I'll be basing my invited talk at CONCUR on the paper.

Thanks a lot to Anna, Bas, Mohammad and Wan for our pleasant collaborations so far. I hope to do some justice to our joint work in Lisbon. It'll be a bit of a challenge to make the audience interested in the story I have to tell, but it is one I hope to meet decently well. It'll be up to the participants at CONCUR 2007 to tell whether I'll succeed.

Surprisingly, the list of accepted papers for the conference is not yet available from the CONCUR 2007 web site. I am looking forward to viewing the programme for this event.

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