Monday, July 17, 2006

ICALP 2008

Last Tuesday, the EATCS general assembly held at ICALP 2006 in Venice has accepted the bid presented by Magnús M. Halldórssón on behalf of ICE-TCS to hold ICALP 2008 in Reykjavík. Anna, Magnús and I look forward to seeing you in Iceland in July 2008.

I'll try to report on a couple of interesting events at ICALP 2006 over the next few days. For the moment, I'll just say that Manindra Agrawal received the Gödel Prize 2006, and that Mike Paterson received the EATCS distinguished award. Mike's entertaining talk let us in on his "secrets for success." His presentation will need a separate post, even though I am pretty sure that you are already wondering what his secrets are :-)

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